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The Montana Trails, Recreation and Park Association is comprised of professionals in the parks & recreation field dedicated to improving your quality of life! Members of the organization are affiliated with local, county, state and federal agencies and businesses.

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Mid-year Meeting

Mid-year meeting 2021 to be announced.


2020 Mid-Year Meeting at Montana League of Cities and Towns

Our mid-year meeting was held again with MLCT, but this time virtually. Meeting at MLCT brings parks and recreation involvement to the Montana League of Cities and Towns.

Download the 2020 Mid-Year Meeting Agenda

Download the 2020 Mid-Year Meeting Packet

Download the 2020 Mid-Year Meeting Notes


2019 Mid-Year Meeting at Montana League of Cities and Towns

MTRPA annual and mid year meetings switched in 2019. We had our mid-year conference at MLCT Conference 2019. This event brings together more than 400 municipal elected officials and employees from across Montana to network, learn, and collaborate with their peers and industry partners.

Download the 2019 Mid-Year Meeting Agenda


2019 Mid-Year Meeting

The 2019 midyear meeting was held in Butte on April 25th, 2019 at the Butte Emergency Operations Center Meeting Room, 3615 Wynne Ave., Butte, MT from 10am to 2pm.  April Business Mtg

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2017 Mid-Year Meeting 

The 2017 mid-year meeting will be held in Great Falls, MT on March 8th in the Gibson Room at the Civic Center (2 Park Drive South, Great Falls, MT).

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2015 Mid-Year Meeting 

The 2015 mid-year meeting will be held in Bozeman, MT on March 26th & 27th at the Best Western Gran Tree Inn at 1325 N. 7th Ave, 59715.

2014 Mid-Year Meeting 

The 2014 mid-year meeting was held in Great Falls, MT on February 25th & 26th. Tuesday was the strategic planning meeting and on Wednesday was the mid-year board meeting held at the First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park.

 Click here to view the 2014 Mid Year Meeting Minutes.

2013 Mid-Year Meeting

The 2013 mid-year meeting was held in Missoula, MT on March 13th & 14th. Wednesday was the strategic planning meeting and on Thursday the mid-year board meeting was held.

2013 Mid-Year

Strategic planning meeting in Headwaters Conference room on Thursday, March 13, 2013.

2012 Mid-Year Meeting

The 2012 Mid-Year Meeting was held on Friday, March 23rd in Bozeman, MT starting at 10:00AM at the FWP offices, 1400 South 19th Street.


MRPA members reviewed the treasurer’s report and adopted a 2012 budget; were presented with a final 2011 Conference report; were provided an updated membership spreadsheet; discussed the posting of out-of-state position vacancies on the website; discussed the bylaws and strategic planning; discussed legislative issues; and reviewed the progress report on the upcoming 2012 conference in Missoula with the Idaho Recreation and Park Association.  Several University of Montana students were in attendance and presented a proposal to form a student chapter of MRPA.  This concept was enthusiastically endorsed by the Executive Board and $500 in funds were approved to aid in the recruitment effort.

2011 Mid-Year Meeting

The Montana Recreation and Park Association held its 2011 mid-year meeting in Helena, MT on Friday, March 18, 2011. The meeting was held at the City/County Building, 316 N. Park Avenue, beginning at 9:30AM.

 MRPA Mid-Year 2011

MRPA members discuss a number of items on the agenda including a Treasurer’s report; 2010 Tri-State Conference report; student involvement; membership issues; a trails discussion; and a report of the plans for the upcoming Annual Conference in Billings this fall. Several of the members “attended” via a conference phone setup.


Chas Van Genderen, MT State Parks Division Chief, gave a legislative update on Federal LWCF funding and bills before the current Montana legislative session that will affect Parks and Recreation.