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The Montana Trails, Recreation and Park Association is comprised of professionals in the parks & recreation field dedicated to improving your quality of life! Members of the organization are affiliated with local, county, state and federal agencies and businesses.

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Board Terms

MTRPA Executive Board

*Each term of office shall commence following the close of the mid-year meeting at which he/she is elected.

Position Current Member Term Length End Date
President Mitch Overton 2 Years Spring 2023
President Elect Maria Butts 2 Years Spring 2023
Secretary/Treasurer Chris Waite 2 Years Spring 2022
Membership Coordinator Jamie Saitta 2 Years Spring 2022
Website/Communications Danielle Beaudin 2 Years Spring 2023


MTRPA Advisory Team

*The Advisory Team is part of the Executive Board. Members of the Advisory Team shall be elected annually by the membership. Terms shall be 2 years and staggered.  The Advisory Team consists of three active members of MTRPA, plus the Past President.

Position Current Member Term Length End Date
Past President Mike Whitaker 2 Years Spring 2023
Advisory member Donna Gaukler 2 years Spring 2023
Advisory member Craig Marr 2 Years Spring 2022
Advisory Member Pat Doyle 2 Years Spring 2022


MTRPA Liaisons

*These positions are appointed by the Executive Board and do not have terms.

Trails Representative Bob Walker
UM Student Liaison Jenn Thompson
Aquatics Liaison Elizabeth Hill
Student Board Member